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Thomas G. Bett is a co-owner and the president of Prator Bett, L.L.C. and has extensive experience as a consultant in the oil and gas industry. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a bachelor-of- science degree, Mr. Bett commenced his career in January 1983 as a contract engineer working on the largest oil field in Alabama, Citronelle Field. The primary goal of the Project was to determine future secondary and tertiary reserves in the field.

Huddleston & Co, Inc. employed Mr. Bett in May of 1983. While at Huddleston & Co., Inc., Mr. Bett went from an entry-level engineer to Vice President of the company and was considered to be a senior engineer in the firm. In addition to the normal consulting work (described below) Mr. Bett managed the internal reserve report for an affiliated company that was valued at over $100 million and represented over 1500 wells. He also helped to train the young entry-level engineers hired by the firm.

Mr. Bett's experience is quite varied and involves very complex field studies, secondary and tertiary projects, special projects, older established basins and new developing fields. He works with small companies to large companies, interfaces with the banks, working interest owners, royalty owners, operators and non-operators. Mr. Bett has provided direct testimony in the Department of Energy Offices of Hearings and Appeals, the State of Texas Court, and Federal Court and has provided litigation support for many cases.